AM -Roof drain Duplicate-1

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The AM roof outlet is used for draining rain and melting waters from low-pitched roofs that are inclined inwards. The AM roof outlet can be used in conjunction with multipleor single-ply bituminous felt roofings or plastic-based singleply roofings. The roofing is connected to the roof outlet body with a stainless steel flange. The outlet has a 350 mm long pipe, the diameters of which are Ø50, 75, 110 or 160 mm. A 220 V heating cable can be supplied as an option. The roof outlets are manufactured from a non-corroding and non-heat-conductive PE/PP thermoplastic material that also withstands the stress caused by industrial surroundings. The AM roof outlet is compatible with all multiple- and singleply roofings, and the joints can be made watertight. The same roof outlet can be used either as a syphonic system or a conventional roof outlet.