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Ross ventilation pole Ø 125

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  • Manufacturer: VILPE - fiński producent kominków wentylacyjnych
  • Gross price: €75.38
  • Net Price: €61.28
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The Ross ventilation pole is used for ventilating the underfloor space and for preventing damp damage and radon problems in base floors. The Ross ventilation pole can also be used to supply inlet air to a sauna in a basement, a fireplace or ventilation machine. the design prevents snow, litter and small animals from entering the underfloor space of the ground floor. Ross-125/135 can be connected to a 125 mm ventilation duct, and requires for installation Ø 132,2 mm opening. There are six basic colours which give an opportunity to choose the colour of the ventilation pole according to own preferences and the architecture of the building. The basic colours are light grey, grey, red, off-white, beige and black.

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